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If you found a dishwasher dryer microwave oven or air conditioner in the past few decades, there's a strong chance it may have been manufactured by Amana. Add freezers. Today, the company is responsible for producing heating and air equipment, which is found in homes throughout the United States. While we won't delve into geothermal units or heat pumps today,  our Amana air conditioner review takes a look at the brand's history along with its current lineup if central air conditioning systems.

The History of Amana

Amana is a company that's been in the HVAC business since the 1950s. Well, they first got into business producing freezers and refrigerators before moving into AC units in home appliances over the years. Amana was purchased by Goodman Heating and Air in 1997, so now they are under the Daiken banner alongside Goodman. That means both companies carry a similar lineup of residential air conditioners but unlike American Standard and Trane, there are some considerable differences between these two companies' systems.

Unique Features from Amana

Amana AC Features

The first interesting feature we want to talk about from Amana is called ComfortBridge, a feature you may be familiar with if you read our Goodman air conditioner review. Both companies use comfort bridge in their flagship systems as the high-tech control board is built to increase energy efficiency in your unit.

The smart system is only found on a handful of units in the same can be said four features like sound control top and variable-speed compressor. The Copeland CoreSense diagnostic system is also found on several of the company's top tier units along with sound-dampening features that ensure your new unit stays quite.

Amana Air Conditioning System Reviews

Unit ModelEfficiency RatingCapacity(Tons)Sound(dB)Compressor
Amana AVXC2024.52-559-75Variable-Speed
Amana ASXC18192-568-74Two-Stage
Amana ASXC16172-570-74Two-Stage
Amana ASX16161.5-571.5-73Single-Stage
Amana ASX14151.5-570-71Single-Stage
Amana ANX14151.5-571-74Single-Stage
Amana ASX13141.5-573-77Single-Stage
Amana ANX13141.5-571-77Single-Stage

Amana currently carries a total of six air conditioning systems in two variants. Units that have an xc in e title are in the comfort bridge category, and there are three to choose from with the AVXC 20, AVXC 18, and the ASXC16.

The Amana AVXC20 is the company’s flagship model and one of the biggest differences between the Amana and Goodman lineups. This AC unit is rated at 24.5 SEER, and has a variable speed compressor. It also has a high-efficiency variable-speed ECM condenser fan motor and an advanced diagnostic system.

It has a higher rating than any of Goodman's units, although the AVXC18 is a dead-ringer for Goodman’s GSXC18. The Amana AVXC 18 is rated up to 19 SEER just like their top model, and the same goes for the Amana ASXC16 and Goodman’s GSXC16. All these energy efficient units have ComfortBridge technology and two-stage compressors.

With single-stage systems, the similarities continue. With Amana, their units start with ASX, while Goodman’s start with GSX. Amana has three single-stage units rated at 16, 14, and 13 SEER, and Goodman has the exact same models. That said, with Amana, you will get two additional models at this time, with the ANX 14 and ANX13. These are slightly cheaper versions of the Amana ASX14 and ASX13 units with Copeland CoreSense like the rest of the company's high to mid-range systems.

Which Amana model offers the best ROI for your home?

Amana AC

After you’ve looked over a brand’s air conditioners and have settled on a line, your next step is to think about the SEER rating along with the ROI. While you can handle both calculations yourself with enough data, they are tricky to understand due to the number of factors involved. If you can come up with a few simple figures, including your yearly cooling hours and square footage, our tool will help you calculate the ROI.

Amana AC Models Savings Calculator

Amana Air Conditioner Pricing

Unit Model​Unit Only Cost​Installed Cost
Amana AVXC20$3,270$5,200
Amana ASXC18$2,400$3,820
Amana ASXC16$2,080$3,310
Amana ASX16$1,920$3,060
Amana ASX14$1,760$2,810
Amana ANX14$1,720$2,780
Amana ASX13$1,600$2,560
Amana ANX13$1,580$2,550
Note: The cost is based on a 2.5 ton outdoor condenser, with a matching evaporator coils. The cost doesn't include an air handler, heating system, or installation of the ductwork.

When it comes to pricing, you may think Amana and Goodman air conditioning systems carry the same price tag considering they are both under the same parent brand. Well, that is not the case at all. On average, you can expect to pay more for Amana AC units than Goodman’s, even though all but three of the systems or identical.

While it is an odd approach to take compared to other brands in similar situations, the warranty with Amana is slightly better which is one reason for the price increase. Here is a rough idea of what you can expect to pay for the units, although regional factors may affect the price to a degree.

Amana AC Size & Cost Calculator

Amana Savings Programs & Tax Credits

Buying a new AC unit for your home isn't cheap, regardless of the sea rating. A new unit alone can cost thousands of dollars, and you still have to deal with the installation and potentially running new ductwork. That's why you need to save money where you can, and why rebate and incentive programs are so important.

With Amana, there are a few ways you can save money, although tax credits are out unless you are buying a geothermal unit for your home. You can do consumer financing through an Amana dealer, and will receive flexible payments and competitive rates based on your credit in approval.

Alternatively, you can check out the rebate center on the company's website. From here, you can find discounts based on your area and save between a hundred and $500 on some of the company’s systems.

Amana Air Conditioner Warranties

If you purchase a variable speed or dual-stage system from Amana, the compressor is guaranteed for a lifetime, and you will receive 10 years on parts. While the compressor is used in both Amana and Goodman top models are the same, you will get a better guarantee from Amana's flagship systems. With their single-stage units, the warranty stays the same between both companies as you'll be at 10 years on the compressor and 10 years with parts. If you want additional peace of mind, an extended service plan is also available at an additional cost.

How to find an Installer for your Amana Air Conditioning System

One way to save a great deal of money when purchasing a new air conditioning system for your home would be to simply install it yourself. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for 99% of the population given that air conditioning installation is not something people tend to take on for a wide variety of reasons.

That means you'll need to call in an HVAC contractor in your area that can handle the job and is comfortable working with Amana systems. Generally, you can find assistance through one of the company's authorized dealers or you can contact a local HVAC contractor to take on the job. if you'd to get a quote from a local professional in your area, our quote tool will point you in the right direction.

Contractor Tool


As you can see, Amana has an excellent lineup of air conditioning systems built for residential use. Given the variety of those systems, there is a SEER rating for anyone regardless of where they reside in the United States.

With that in mind, their units are very similar to Goodman’s, aside from three exceptions, but actually priced higher. Unless you’re interested in the AVXC20 or one of the company's budget-friendly single-stage machines, Goodman can provide just as much bang for your buck.

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