Carrier Air Conditioner Prices

Carrier is a known name in the cooling industry as the company has been producing high quality HVAC solutions for years with its products being sold all around the world.

As per Consumer Reports, it is the producer of some of the most highly rated air conditioners out there making it the best pick when you want to buy AC units.

The company does not only produce high quality products, but also has great offers making it a customer friendly option. While the prices may be a bit high ($1000-$2000 more expensive than standard brands), but it is worth the price due to its durable nature and great performance. Moreover, you might be able to get some discount or rebates due to special offers the company comes up with from time to time. All this is discussed below in this article in detail.

We are going to talk about the cost of getting Carrier central air conditioner in this article.

The cost depends on several factors such as the type and number of of air conditioning units you purchase. This in return depends on various factors, most importantly the cooling area.

It costs between $3,000 to $7,500 to install a new Carrier air conditioning unit. While this may be more expensive than regular AC units, but Carrier being a premium brand with great output, the price is justified. However, the cost can be less if you only need to replace some parts and not buy an entire unit. and is linked to the heating system to control the entire house.

The final cost does not depend just the unit but other factors as well such as installation rates and ductwork.

Before moving ahead with the costs, you should determine the size and type of the unit you require and if you need to purchase a new AC unit or replace your old unit.

What Size Carrier AC Unit do I Need

Carrier offers different sized units so that you can pick the right one according to the size of your house. The company caters to all kind of customers so you will not have any problem in finding the right unit, be it a small sized room or a big one.

The smallest unit produced by the company is 1.5 ton that is suitable for a small sized room. Other sized offered are 2 ton, 2.5 ton, 3 ton, 3.5 ton, 4 ton, and 5 ton, which is the biggest unit.

While most people would consider buying the biggest option for better cooling, you must remember that big is not always better as big AC units can cause noise and also cycle on and off, which result in wastage of energy.

Carrier provides you with the option to get in touch with its experienced contractors to study your house and suggest you the right size for your house/rooms.

The contractor will have a look at the walls, floors, windows, insulation and other items in your house as they can all affect cooling. Moreover, seals, leaks and vents will also be inspected. The rule is that you need about one ton of cooling for every 500 sq. ft., however this can differ from place to place.

Carrier Efficiency Ratings: SEER

Carrier AC units come with efficiency ratings between 13 to 21 SEER. According to most experts, 16 SEER is the most efficient. You can find 16 SEER units in different models including Infinity, Comfort and Performance. Carrier offers you the highest SEER rating of 21 on some of its models including Infinity.

The rating is very important because we live in a country where the temperature changes dramatically. According to US standards, the minimum SEER should be 13, so if you have an old AC with a lower SEER, consider replacing it. Carrier offers many units with a rating of 13 and above so you will have no problem in finding the right one.

We have discussed different Carrier units as per their SEER ratings below.

Carrier Air Conditioner Prices List

The table below contains prices for different models with different SEER ratings. While the most common rating is 16, we have also listen some units with higher and lower SEER ratings.

Moreover, the prices in the first table do not include cost for air handler, ductwork and furnace. It only covers the cost for replacing the indoor and outdoor unit (3 ton), thermostat and refrigerant lineset.

Carrier AC Unit Prices By Model Number

Carrier Models



Price with Installation

Comfort 24ABB3




Comfort 24ACC4




Comfort 24AAA5




Comfort 24ABC6




Comfort 24AAA6


16 SEER 


Performance 24ACB3




Performance 24ACC6




Performance 24ACB7




Infinity 24ANB6




Infinity 24ANB7




Infinity 24VNA9




Infinity 24ANB1




Carrier Costal and Compact Models Prices

Carrier Models



Price with Installation

Costal 24ANB7**C 




Costal 24ACA4**C 




Costal 24ABB3**C




Compact 24AHA4




Compact 38HDR


13 SEER 


This table is priced mainly based on SEER settings. As you can see, the lowest SEER unit from the company is Comfort 24ABB3 (13 SEER) and the highest SEER unit is Infinity 24ANB1 (21 SEER).

The cost includes installation costs as well based on the cooling area. This is based on normal difficulty level, if the difficulty in your case is higher, such as you need more fabricated parts or you have to install the unit in areas that are difficult to access, such as the attic, the cost may end up being a little higher.

Carrier Air Conditioner Prices By Unit Size

Here, the prices are based on the unit size. All the prices below are based on 16 SEER units. The table, however, does not include cost for ductwork and air handler.

Carrier AC Unit Prices By Size

AC Size

Cooling Area

AC Unit & Coils

Total Cost with Installation

1.5 ton

550-900 sf



2 ton

900-1200 sf



2.5 ton

1,200-1,500 sf



3 ton

1,500-1,800 sf



3.5 ton

1,800-2,100 sf



4 ton

2,100-2,400 sf



5 ton

2,400-3,000 sf



2 Units

3,000-4,000 sf



About Carrier Expert Certification Introduction

Carrier actually cares for its users which is why it has introduced a new Career Expert Certification program.

All its dealers are considered experts as they go through intensive training to learn to satisfy customers, which they do by going the extra mile for them. Other than this, it has a vast network of skilled technicians to install, service and maintain all its products. You can go to their office locator page to find a technician with expertise in handling Carrier products.

Also, remember to only purchase your products from a factory authorized dealer who will not only provide you with genuine products, but also be with you at all the steps from purchase to installation and even after service. Their job is to fully satisfy all customers and they can also provide you with original parts, if needed.

Carrier Available Tax Credits and Saving Opportunities To Buyers

The government is pushing for buyers to purchase energy-efficient products and as a result offers different rebates and benefits.

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency has set standards for ac units. The unit you purchase must meet these standards for you to qualify for a tax credit.

You must keep the manufacturer's certificate as it might be needed in case your accounts are audited. The certificate, however, is not required when submitting your tax forms.

Here's the tax credit details:

  • Split-system units ($300) if 16 SEER
  • Packaged air conditioners ($300) if 14 SEER

Other than this, Carrier also offers discounts and saving opportunities.

Carrier Air Conditioner Warranties

Carrier provides 10 years of limited warranty with proper registration, failure to do which reduces the time to 5 years. The product can be registered online at However, these conditions do not appear in some states. Moreover, some parts only come with one year of warranty.

The warranty period starts when the unit is installed. In case a unit malfunctions, it is typically repaired or replaced, however in some cases an amount for the price of the new part may be credited to the buyer's account to cover the expense.

Other than this, you may also be able to avail contractor's warranty that covers labor work, such as wiring.

How to Find the Best HVACInstaller

Finding the right contractor can take just as long as finding the right AC unit, so take your time and don’t settle for the first quote that fits your budget. If you’re ready to get started, check out our estimate tool here.

It is free and convenien, and you have NO obligation to accept any estimates offered.

Fill out a short form about what work you want done. Then your information is sent to pre-screened HVAC installers in your area. They will respond with estimates for air conditioners and installation costs. The estimates already include the latest local rebates and tax credit info.

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