Goodman Air Conditioner Reviews

Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating have put millions of units into homes over the past 30 years and one of the more recommended brands from HVAC dealers. While they haven’t been in business as long as other leaders in the heating and cooling industry, this company’s efficient systems are reasonably priced and a popular choice for homeowners considering a budget-friendly brand.

The History of Goodman

Goodman History Reviews

Goodman’s HVAC unit sprang to life in 1954 when their founder, Harold V. Goodman, expanded his company to include air conditioning installation. A few decades later, Goodman Manufacturing Company began making ducts and registers before moving on to central air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

Goodman heating and cooling was acquired by Daikin Industries in 2012 and is now under the Daikin Group banner. Together, those companies new partnership has focused on innovation and keeping things close to home. Their products are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States which is something to keep in mind when it comes to customer service and reliability.

Unique Features from Goodman 

Goodman may make some of the more affordable central air conditioners for residential use, but they are still packed full of features and innovations like the alumafin7 evaporator coil.

Goodman alumafin7 evaporator coil

This coil is smaller with a depth of 21-inches and has grooved tubing that’s 7mm thick to help dissipate heat. The fans are acid-etched, and it has a single-piece access panel with a thick triangle plate for increased structural integrity. The AlumaFin 7 coil a step up from their previous design and makes for a more efficient unit overall.

ComfortBridge was released in 2018 as a new control system to increase energy efficiency in HVAC units. It’s a unique circuit board that’s actually installed on the indoor unit but designed so it can work with a variety of single-stage thermostats.

While that innovation is only found on a few models, you won’t have go with a premium unit to enjoy a powder-coated finish. Contactors with lugs and factory-installed filter driers are two other perks along with louvered coil guards. This feature is a step up from wire guard frames and provides extra protection for the coil against the dangers of the outdoors.

Goodman Air Conditioner Reviews

Unit ModelEfficiency RatingCapacity(Tons)Sound(dB)Compressor
Goodman DSXC1819 SEER2-568-74Two-Stage
Goodman DSXC1617 SEER2-570-74Two-Stage
Goodman GSX1616 SEER1.5-4.571.5-73Single-Stage
Goodman GSX1414 SEER1.5-2.571-75Single-Stage
Goodman GSX1313 SEER1.5-572-75Single-Stage

Goodman’s central air conditioning systems don’t come with fancy monikers and aren’t listed under any class or category. At this time, the company has five residential units in its catalog that range from 18 SEER to 13 SEER. Only two of the units have ComfortBridge technology, however, with the GSXC18 and GSXC16 air conditioning units – both units with solid customer reviews.

The GSXC18 is currently Goodman’s flagship model with an 18 SEER rating. It has a two-stage Ultratech compressor from Copeland along with a two-speed ECM condenser fan motor. Bluetooth connectivity, ground lug connections, and louvered coil guards are all standard features as well. The GSXC16 air conditioner has all the same features, but with a 16 SEER rating and a two-speed PSC condenser fan motor.

Both of those units are ENERGY STAR certified, but the Goodman GSX16, GSX14, and GSX13 don’t meet those standards. They all have energy-efficient compressors with single-speed condenser fan motors and are AHRI certified, and ETL listed, however.

Some of the same standard features are found on these models as well, including ground lug connection, the factory-installed filter drier, and the coil guard. What you won’t find are those “extra” features” like sensors that monitor the coil or a high-density foam compressor blanket. These single-speed machines are efficient and affordable.

What size Goodman AC unit do I need for my home? 

On Goodman’s official website, their air conditioning units are listed in SEER. The SEER rating essentially tells you the maximum energy efficiency rating of an AC unit. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is critical in finding the right size unit for your home, and while it’s something you can calculate by using our guide, it’s always better to call in a professional. They can do a Manual J calculation on your home and let you know how much any potential unit will cost to run. Our calculator can assist you in that area as well.

Goodman Air Conditioner Pricing

Unit Model​Unit Only Cost ​Installed Cost
Goodman DSXC18$1,950$4,290
Goodman DSXC16$1,690$3,720
Goodman GSX16$1,560$3,440
Goodman GSX14$1,650$3,700
Goodman GSX13$1,170$2,580
Note: The cost is based on a 2.5 ton outdoor condenser, with a matching evaporator coils. The cost doesn't include an air handler, heating system, or installation of the ductwork.

Goodman units are among the most affordable from major brands. Now that you know what to expect from the features and have seen their SEER ratings, you can understand why they don’t cost quite as much. Aside from their top two models, these units are fairly basic but well-regarded in Goodman air conditioner reviews from homeowners, dealers, contractors.

Based on our research, here is what you can expect to pay for Goodman units by model. Our table gives the price for systems along with a rough estimate for the installed cost of the air conditioning units as well.

Goodman AC Size & Cost Calculator

Which Goodman Model Can Offer Best ROI for Your House?

As you can see, most central air conditioning units have a lot in common. Dropping from a 19 SEER unit to one that’s only 16 SEER can save you a considerable amount of money, but it may not be the best move. If you want to find out which Goodman unit offers the best return on investment for your home, there are a number of factors to consider.

You will have to consider the size of the area that needs cooled, where you live, and how many cooling hours your current unit handles each year. Once you have those figures, you can start comparing units using our air conditioner savings calculator below.

Goodman AC Models Savings Calculator

Goodman Savings Programs & Tax Credits

While affordable, it’s never a bad idea to save money where you can. Goodman, like other manufacturers, has several options that can help bring the overall price of a Goodman unit down. They can also assist with financing through GreenSky with no down payments and competitive rates if you reside in the United States. Homeowners in Canada can also take advantage of financing but will need to contact a Goodman dealer in their area.

As for tax credits and rebates, those vary depending on where you live in the United States. Goodman’s rebate center can help you find deals based on your zip code, and a quick search proved to be very fruitful. We found rebates on a variety of systems for heating and air products on both coasts ranging from $150 to $580. Those rebates are harder to find on budget-friendly models, however, due to their initial price point.

Goodman vs. Amana

Despite the fact you'll see dozens of air conditioning manufacturing brands when shopping for an AC unit, most are actually made by a handful of companies. Both Goodman and Amana are owned by the same company, the Diakin Group. As you might expect, you'll find some similarities between thier product lines.

Louvered coil guards, filter dryers, and ComfortBridge technology are a few features found on AC units from both companies. Goodman currently has four air conditioning systems in their arsenal with a couple of single and two-stage systems. Amana, on the other hand, has five air conditioning systems, and one is variable speed.

The variable speed Amana AVXC20 is rated at 24.5 SEER, but Goodman’s system rated at 19 SEER. Overall, Goodman systems range from 13 to 19 SEER, just like Amana’s lineup, with the exception of the AVXC20. Amana also has two variants compared to Goodman's one, although Goodman’s units are cheaper.

Goodman Air Conditioner Warranties

One significant advantage of buying an air conditioning unit from Goodman is their excellent warranty system. The highlight is their Lifetime Limited Warranty which is a step above most manufacturers’ guarantees despite its somewhat limited nature.

The “lifetime” aspect of the warranty covers the compressor and only the original owner for as long as they live in the same residence. The functional parts in the unit are covered for 10-years, and all products from the DSXC, GSXC, DSZC, and GSZC lines are listed under the company’s limited warranty program.

As you’d expect, you will need to register your product, and you’ll definitely want to read the fine print. There are several clauses and certain things that could void your warranty, and the type of coverage you get can vary by model as well.

Extended Coverage

If you’re not thrilled with the coverage on the AC unit you have your eye one or just want additional peace of mind, Goodman’s extended warranty program is worth considering. They offer several extended plans through Asure. This will require a service agreement but provides you with coverage on parts and labor for 5 or 10 years, and up to 99 years on the compressor depending on your needs.

How to find the Installer for your Goodman System

Finding someone to install your AC unit isn’t hard, but finding someone that does it the right way can be trickier. It’s also something you don’t want to attempt yourself, regardless of how handy you are with a set of tools.

A certified HVAC installer will ensure your system is running the right way from the start and will be able to address any potential issues before the job starts, not after you’ve ordered the unit. In some cases, you may be able to find a Goodman A+ Dealer in your area with an excellent reputation that can handle the job.

If not, you will need to start digging through contractors in your area. You’ll always want to get a few quotes before settling on someone to install your new Goodman unit, and our tool can help you hone in on a professional in your area.

Contractor Tool


Goodman has a solid selection of air conditioning systems that are powerful enough to suit most homeowners’ needs. The price is the real draw to their units, however, considering some are almost 50% cheaper when compared to units with more features and the same SEER rating. Alternatively, the biggest drawback to this company lies in its selection.

They currently don’t have any units rated higher than 18 SEER, and their overall selection is dwarfed by brands like Carrier and Trane. While their ComfortBridge units are in-line with other company’s premium systems, their base models are very basic. Overall, they and are a good brand to consider if you don’t need a high capacity variable speed system, and they’ve received good reviews for their budget-friendly product line.

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