Lennox Air Conditioner Reviews

Lennox has been in the heating and cooling business since 1895, and in that time, they have grown into an industry leader. They specialize in providing HVAC systems for residential and commercial use and are one of the more recognized brands in the industry today.

When summer rolls around, that means that Lennox air conditioners are on millions of homeowners' minds. Unfortunately, unless you’re friends with an HVAC contractor, finding Lennox air conditioner reviews you can trust is easier said than done. The goal of our guide is to help you understand the types of units available from the company, so you can find the right central AC system for your home.

Unique Features from Lennox

Lennox Unique Features

From sturdy coils to smart thermostats, Lennox has continued to innovate along with the competition. Here are a few technologies that stand out when you’re shopping for a high-efficiency Lennox AC unit or heat pump.

Precise Comfort Technology is found on the XC25 Air Conditioner and the Lennox XV25 Heat Pump. It’s basically marketing slang for the company’s variable speed system, but something you won’t want to overlook. This technology allows the unit to adjust to your needs in 1% increments from 35 to 100%.

Their iHarmony zoning system is another way to ensure you get the perfect temperatures throughout your home. It works hand-in-hand with the iComfort smart thermostat and opens the door to new connectivity options as well.

Another unique feature similar to the Spine Fine coil from Trane is called Quantum Coil technology. Lennox’s new coil system is made from aluminum, which is lighter than a copper coil and more resistant to corrosion. That’s ideal if you live in a coastal area as these all-aluminum coils are built to last, even if they are only found on a handful of products at this time like the Merit Series ML14XC1.

Lennox SunSource

Solar products are becoming more ingrained in homes across America as consumers look for new ways to improve efficiency while reducing their electric bills. If you’re considering adding solar power to your home, the Lennox SunSource system may be the answer for you.

This solar system is consists of modules or panels that take energy from the sun and convert it for use in your air conditioning unit. The smart system can even power gadgets throughout your home or be sold back to the utility company if you have any juice left from heating and cooling. 

Lennox Air Conditioner Reviews

Unit ModelEfficiency RatingSound(dB)CapacityStages
Lennox XC2526 SEER595Variable-capacity
Lennox XC2121 SEER692-5Two-Stage
Lennox SL18XC118.5 SEER652-5Single-Stage
Lennox XC2020 SEER652-5Variable-capacity
Lennox XC1617.2 SEER742-5Multi-Stage
Lennox EL16XC117 SEER711.5-5Single-Stage
Lennox XC1315.5 SEER741.5-5Single-Stage
Lennox 16ACX14 to 17 SEER751.5-5Multi-stage
Lennox ML14XC116 SEER761.5-5Single-Stage
Lennox 14ACX16 SEER761.5-5Single-Stage
Lennox 13ACX13 SEER761.5-5Single-Stage

If you appreciate a site with a clean design that is easy to browse, you’ll enjoy looking through Lennox’s online catalog. Lennox air conditioners are currently grouped into three series, but you can also sort through the models by price or use their comparison tool.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection

When you want the best, you’ll want to start with the Dave Lennox Signature collection, which is named after the company’s founder. There are three units in the series with the XC25, XC21, and the SL18XC1 air conditioner.

All three feature the company’s SilentComfort technology and use R-410A refrigerant. They are also solar-ready in case you want to take advantage of the Lennox SunSource modules. iComfort tech is enabled on these units, and they are listed as ENERGY STAR qualified as well. PermaGuard cabinets and their smart louver design are also standard at this level.

The XC25 has a 26 SEER rating to go along and is a variable speed system while the XC21 is two-stage and rated at 21 SEER. The Lennox SL18XC1 is listed at 18.5 SEER and single-stage but quitter than the XC21 by a few decibels. Needless to say, all three are high-efficiency units and will definitely get the job done.

Lennox Elite Series Air Conditioners

The top model form the Elite series is the Lennox XC20 air conditioner. With a rating of 20 SEER, this high-efficiency unit will keep your family cool, and the variable speed compressor gives you total control. It’s solar-ready and has all the flagship features found in the signature series, but with a slightly different warranty.

The XC16 and EL16XC1 are rated at 17.20 and 17 SEER respectively, although the XC16 is a dual-stage system while the EL16XC1 only has a single-stage. All three are ENERGY STAR certified as well and make use of the company’s SmartHinge, PemaGuard, and SilentComfort technologies.

Only the XC20 will work with their solar system, however, and it’s the only unit at this level with iComfort technology. While not ENERGY STAR qualified, the XC13 is the most affordable system from the Lennox Elite series and is listed with a rating of 15.5 SEER.

Lennox Merit Series Air Conditioners 

When you don’t need an air conditioning system with a high SEER rating, but do want to save some money, the Merit series may be your best option. There are currently four affordable and energy efficient units in this series with the Merit 16ACX leading the way.

The 16ACX is a multi-stage system listed with a maximum SEER rating of 14 to 17 SEER. The ML14XC1 and 14ACX are both 16 SEER systems that are single-stage but lack the SilentComfort technology found on the Lennox 16ACX. All three are ENERGY STAR qualified, whereas the Lennox 13ACX is not.

This single-stage unit is in line with the rest of the pack in other areas, however, as it uses R-410A refrigerant and has a PermaGuard cabinet. None of the air conditioners at this level have the company’s SmartHinge Louver design.

What size Lennox AC unit do I need for my home?

Choosing the right size air conditioner can have a major impact on how efficiently your home is cooled and on how much money you’ll actually save. It’s an area where many homeowners can get tripped up, but critical when purchasing a new AC unit and understanding the running cost.

Our SEER sizing guide can help you calculate those numbers if you prefer to do it yourself, but a professional HVAC technician will come to your home and perform a Manual J calculation, which provides you with a more accurate figure.

Lennox Air Conditioner Pricing

Unit ModelUnit Only CostInstalled Cost
Lennox XC25$4,330$6,450
Lennox XC21$3,350$5,000
Lennox SL18XC1$2,860$4,500
Lennox XC20$3,150$4,700
Lennox XC16$2,600$3,880
Lennox EL16XC1$2,560$3,820
Lennox XC13$2,270$3,400
Lennox 16ACX$2,470$3,680
Lennox ML14XC1$2,370$3,530
Lennox 14ACX$2,380$3,550
Lennox 13ACX$1,800$2,810
Note: The cost is based on a 2.5 ton outdoor condenser, with a matching evaporator coils. The cost doesn't include an air handler, heating system, or installation of the ductwork.

Compared to other major brands like Carrier, Trane, and Goodman, Lennox air conditioner prices are in the middle of the pack. Some of their variable speed central AC units are priced in-line with their competitors while their mid-range and budget class units can be a little lower or higher than similar systems.

Lennox AC Size & Cost Calculator

Which Lennox Model Can Offer Best ROI for Your House?

As you can see, most central air conditioning units have a lot in common. Dropping from a 19 SEER unit to one that’s only 16 SEER can save you a considerable amount of money, but it may not be the best move. If you want to find out which Lennox unit offers the best return on investment for your home, there are a number of factors to consider.

You will have to consider the size of the area that needs cooled, where you live, and how many cooling hours your current unit handles each year. Once you have those figures, you can start comparing units using our air conditioner savings calculator below.

Lennox AC Models Savings Calculator

Lennox Savings Programs & Tax Credits

Whether you are paying $1,500 or $6,000 for a new AC unit, it’s important to think about potential savings. Obviously, you’ll save money down the line from using an AC unit with an energy efficiency rating, but you may qualify for a variety of rebates, tax incentives, and discounts as well.

Tax credits are a great way to lighten the burden of a new central air conditioning. It’s also something you’ll need to look into yearly, considering they are subject to change. That said, through 2021 you can get a 25D Solar Tax Credit, if you opt for one of Lennox’s solar-ready air conditioning units or heat pumps.

Utility rebates are easier to get regardless of the style of unit you choose. While they will vary depending on where you live, your local utility company or DSIRE will let you know what you can qualify for in your area. Alternatively, you can finance the entire purchase through flexible financing. You can check the rates and get started through a Lennox dealer or online via the Service Finance Company.

Lennox vs. Trane

Lennox and Trane are two of the more recognizable names from the HVAC world. That means they are two brands consumers often find themselves considering when it’s time to buy a new central air conditioning system. These companies' systems do have some similarities, but each company brings a little something different to the table.

Trane is known for their spine fin woven Cole, but Lennox has something similar with their Quantum coil. Both companies have smart thermostat systems as well a number of air conditioning units. At this time, Trane has 9 air conditioning units why Lennox has 11.They both have two variable speed air conditioners although Lennox has a model in the XC25 with a SEER rating of 26, whereas the top model from Trane is listed at 22 SEER.

Lennox also has a few more multi-stage systems compared to Trane and one more single-stage unit overall. Lennox has a few more models than Trane, but all are slightly more powerful at every tier. As for the pricing, Lennox AC units are slightly higher depending on the rating and series.

Lennox Air Conditioner Warranties

All Lennox air conditioners come with a basic limited warranty from the company, although the “real” coverage comes into play based on the model and series. For units that carry the company’s premium Dave Lennox Signature branding, there is a 10-year guarantee on the compressor and covered components.

With Lennox Elite, you’ll still get 10 years on the compressor, but only 5 years on covered parts while Lennox Merit is 5 years across the board. The company’s thermostats and zoning systems are warrantied for between 2 to 5 years, depending on the model.

Lennox Extended Coverage

When you register your product, you’re eligible for the company’s extended warranty program. It increases the coverage on parts for select units from 5 to 10 years from the Merit and Elite series. If you want to pay for Comfort Shield Labor Warranty, you can get bonus coverage for 3, 5, or 10 years. These warranties are transferrable, fully-insured, and 100% underwritten.

How to find the Installer for your Lennox AC Unit

There are a lot of things a handy homeowner can accomplish on their own with the right tools and a little elbow grease. Installing an AC unit that hangs from a window is something most people can pull off, but installing an HVAC system is ill-advised.

These are not “plug and play” style systems for the average consumer, which makes HVAC installation something to take seriously. In other words, you’ll have to bring in a professional to do the job. Finding the right contractor can take just as long as finding the right AC unit, so take your time and don’t settle for the first quote that fits your budget. If you’re ready to get started, check out our contractor tool below.

Contractor Tool


Lennox is a brand that focuses on quality, and they have a variety of solid AC units in their arsenal. Considering most of their units are ENERGY STAR certified, they are a brand that should be very high on your list if energy efficiency is a concern. Most consumers have positive things to say about the company in Lennox air conditioner reviews, and their warranties are in-line with the competition as well.

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